Nigerian lady wows social media with Zobo Noodles culinary skills



A Nigerian lady is turning heads on social media as she showcases her culinary skills by cooking zobo noodles and flaunting them online.

This was revealed in a recent video she posted on her TikTok page.

Nigerian lady wows social media with Zobo Noodles culinary skills.

In the video, the lady shares her intention to make zobo noodles, then proceeds to fill her pot with the necessary ingredients. Once finished, she displays the completed dish and starts devouring it.

The scene has attracted the attention of many social media users, who flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Bambi smiler: “Who be big fool .”

pretty_chi945: “it’s actually healthy as long as it’s zobo leaves.”

Pretty-Nancy: “Is everything okay at home.”

user6782961162270 pinopino1: “na watin u go the cook for ur husband.”

DAMSEL : “Na only me normal for this country i swear .”

praise Gold : “what is this zobo leaf for Indomie mmachi3654.”

Enter feed: “una really dey shop nonsense for this app shaaaa.”

Favourchidera: “ So we should eat that with you .”

Obebe’s corner : “Na until them kee one all this chef isonu wetin be this.”



Let make Zobo noodles#foodlover #foodblogger

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