Single lady causes serious buzz online as she proposes marriage to herself



A single young lady has captured the attention of many online after a video surfaced of her proposing marriage to herself.

The unconventional event, which was captured on TikTok and shared by user @macshina, swiftly went viral.

The video, captioned “I finally surprised myself with a marriage proposal,” shows @macshina orchestrating a proposal scene for herself.

The video begins with @macshina dressed in a gown, arriving at the scene and pretending to be surprised by the beautifully decorated proposal setting.

She continues to act shocked as she approaches the centerpiece of the decoration, which features a large sign reading “BE MY WIFE.”

The reason behind the young’s lady self-marriage proposal remains unclear, but her video has sparked a flurry of reactions and discussions online.

Netizens Reactions…

Ashler said: “Not like these guys !!! Ladies can’t do this to ourselves this is just sad.”

Madame Roe said: “Everything okay friend? No reason to be this delulu.

ladybird said: “Things are getting out of control.”

Kerri Renea said: “I understand this. The one person who isn’t going to leave you is yourself.”

lee said: “Idk this is probably the saddest thing i’ve ever seen and i’ve seen ALLLOTT of sad things.”

TENDERONI said: “You didn’t tell me John Cena was your fiance.”

Mwende said: “People are running mad.”

Fakedria G said: “I never wanna be this delulu.”

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Part 1 on the proposal

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