Lady dies weeks to wedding due to headache



A lady named Cassandra Rigg has reportedly passed away just weeks to her wedding after battling a serious headache that led to the discovery of an advanced brain tumor.

According to her mother, Deloris McCarthy, Cassandra had been experiencing intermittent headaches for some time, which had previously subsided quickly.

However, in the days leading up to her death, the headaches intensified despite medical intervention, including receiving an injection.

Concerned by the persistent symptoms, Cassandra underwent an MRI scan, which revealed the devastating news of an advanced-stage brain tumor.

Previously, Cassandra reportedly had survived a serious fire that had required her to spend seven years in the hospital.

Despite these life challenges, Cassandra had managed to rebuild her life and pursue her dreams, including preparing for her upcoming wedding slated for August.

Cassandra originally planned to marry in December 2023 but moved the wedding date forward at her mother’s suggestion.

Reflecting on the tragedy, Deloris McCarthy expressed profound sorrow over the loss of her daughter, emphasizing Cassandra’s aspirations and the plans she had for her future.

“I wanted her to get baptized first before the wedding, now this is the result,” the grieving mother said.

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