Drama as wife sends husband’s mother out of the house over non-payment of bills



A wife sparked a conversation on social media after she posted a video of herself sending her husband’s mother out of the house, revealing that the mother-in-law doesn’t contribute to any household bills.

In the video, the woman can be heard responding to her husband’s question about why she kicked his mother out.

Housewife sends husband’s mother out of the house over non-payment of bills.

She explained that since his mother doesn’t pay any bills and often interferes in their affairs, she decided to ask her to leave.

The husband argued back, saying he can support both his wife and his mother financially, implying it shouldn’t be an issue.

See some reactions below:

Dustin Lee Willis: “wife comes before mother hands down.”

F2saucy: “She mad cause she wasn’t able to cheat lol .”

Proud_Pagan momma: “So they’re msrried..and he’s allowing his mother to disrespect his wife? she’s fed up and saying no more ..she’s done and because he’s incapable of setting healthy boundaries he gets mad at her for being fed up? I don’t care about the ability to care for his mother, if you’re married an… More.”

Maya Millyon: “Yeah mom gotta go when she start causing problems in ur marriage she gotta go simple.”

Theresa C: “You can always get another wife but you could never get another mother in your life.”

Mr mango: “It’s not the mama that needs to go.”

Llf.t3: “If your wife doesn’t respect your mom leave but if your mom doesn’t respect your wife get a backbone .”

Sheri Cline952: “she had no right to do that. DIVORCE HER NOW!!!!!!.”

Buckshot: “Mama always comes first.i think I hear the mouth.”

passionverner3: “She said the mother in law is starting up the pot meaning she sticking her nose in there business egging on stuff between the son daughter-in-law. So now she on the mother in law’s behind.”

MsAquarius: “If the mom is disrespectful to the wife & her home, she can’t live there. Respect the woman of the house & stay out their marriage. Period!”

josue: “1) Even if the mom is disrespecting the wife that is something you talk to your SO about. If he put her daddy out it would still be an issue. You don’t just put family out. You make sure they got.”



Woman puts her husband mom out because she doesnt pay the bills while she doesnt have a job herself #fyp #viral

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