Nigerian man declares himself ‘evil person’, vows to visit shrine as lady collects ₦10k t-fare, fails to show up



A Nigerian man has sparked a conversation on social media after declaring himself an “evil person” and vowing to visit a shrine after a lady collected ₦10,000 for transportation fare from him but failed to show up at his house.

The lady shared a video on her TikTok page, revealing that she is being confronted by the man after taking the money with the promise to visit him.

Nigerian man vows to visit shrine as lady collects ₦10k t-fare, fails to show up.

In the video captioned “after collecting money for transportation and I didn’t show up,” their conversation is shown.

The man reportedly told her he wouldn’t go to church but to a shrine, claiming he worships juju, and threatened to make her life a living hell.

In her post, she disclosed the amount she received from him, writing, “Lol I’m in trouble, my fans, this boy has been threatening my life just because of a small ₦10,000.”

The post has attracted the attention of many social media users who have flooded the comments section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

desmondalake: “This doesn’t make sense tho, why collect his money and gifts when you know you won’t show up?.”

Theycallmekennypromise: “But why will u do that when u know fully well that you won’t go?.”

GREATNESS : “Hope say if your brother tell you say girl collect he money like this you go happy Abi?”

ice-baby: “he won’t do anything but is not good though .”

Prayer_Point_6: “Totally rubbish the worst thing the money no go reach 50k ooh .”

ℋℯ𝓃𝓇𝓎𝒯𝒽ℯ𝒫𝓁𝓊ℊ: “You think he is joking about that place called idumesa argon right, I am from delta, I pity your life.. you will.”

Mozy: “you should know that it is actually a crime in the Nigerian law.”

queenva02: “Return the money or meet him That place he called na juju be their food morning and.” night: “Make man no go do you bad thing.”

kindylove4: “don’t return any money, what of those guys that do fake tf for girl wey kna*k them well eeh fine boy I no dey go church also so anyone that crossed my lane now I go strike u no capAlpha.”

But it not good na : “Even me sef no dey go if them send me tp ohh.”

Josh_nwa: “I still pity guys dat send money for woman as transport…If can’t afford to come to my place sit down for house nah man weh desperate to see you dey make this kind mistake.”

citymonie0: “na so play play one werey girl d!e for my street cuz of 5k guys dey mean these days oo Sha dey careful oo forget all this ur TikTok mumu things.”

<…..TOBILOBA…..>: “On a norms there are some guys that if you tell dem dat they should pls help you with something they will not dat u will now lie use scope get tf.”



Lol i don die my fans this boy has been threatening my life just becoz of small 10k

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