Samklef insists that Obi Cubana has created millionaires in Nigeria



Amidst criticism from Verydarkman, Samklef rises to the defense of Obi Cubana, claims he has contributed to making millionaires and billionaires in Nigeria.

The internet has been thrown into confusion since Davido’s wedding.

Verydarkman accused Iyabo Ojo, Priscilla Ojo and Nkechi Blessing of not being invited which led to an altercation between him and Iyabo Ojo.

This seemed to anger Obi Cubana who warned blogs to stop posting younger ones insulting their elders.

Verydarkman quickly made a video calling out the businessman, accusing him of not making significant contributions to youths in Nigeria.

Music producer, Samklef.

This video infuriated Samklef who explained the magnitude of Obi Cubana’s influence.

He wrote;


My main annoyance right now is insulting OBI CUBANA, Hennessy alone Brings in about 2B euros annually in revenue, Obi Cubana who is a smart Businessman, Brings in so much Revenue from affiliation in terms of Business to Nigeria, the man Creates Wealth and Employment for Young Nigerian Youths. Especially during this economic Crisis. The amount of Billionaires and millionaires Obi Cubana has created in Nigeria, If Very Darkman Father Die and Reincarnate 500 million Times, he will still not be able to achieve such height.

Bragging about not respecting people for their achievements in life is Jealousy and Hypocrisy. Trying to fool Nigerian youths and Gas lighting the poor against the Rich, not just that Trying to make it a Northern and southern issue, or trying to add Nnamdi Kanu, is not going to work for you this time, Joblessness is indeed a disease.”

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