Maid of Konga ex-CEO, Nick Imudia, reveals last conversation with before his demise



The maid of Nick Imudia, the former Konga CEO has revealed the last conversation she had with her boss before his death was announced.

According to a close friend of the dead who spoke with Vanguard on the condition of anonymity, the maid (name withheld) stated that late Imudia contacted her the day before and given her a piece of paper with five phone numbers, including his brother’s in the United States of America.

“She said Nick told her to keep the numbers, that she would need them at the appropriate time. Thereafter, she said he went into the bathroom and heard the shower running, indicating that he was having a bath.

“She said after some time, she observed that the shower was still running and wondered what he could still be doing for so long. She knocked on the door, but there was no response and she left.

Nick Imudia, former CEO of Konga

“Moments later, she said the private guard knocked on the door and informed her to come and see what had happened to Nick. She rushed downstairs and found him in a horrible state. Immediately, she rushed upstairs and still met the shower on. By the time she opened the door, she discovered there was nobody in there.” the deceased’s friend said

Meanwhile, the deceased’s friend stated that the family had demanded Imudia’s remains be released for burial.

Over the weekend, the family issued a statement ruling out suicide as the cause of his death. According to them,  Nick never showed any sign of stress and was never diagnosed as depressed at any point.

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