Lady shares how her marriage crashed after neglecting her stepkids



Lady opens up on the shocking past as she recounts how she got kicked out from her marriage for neglecting her stepkids.

The lady revealed that she had met her husband while he was still married to his ex-wife.

Sad woman.

Somehow she had managed to get him to divorce her and marry her instead, and the ex-wife left the kids with him.

She confessed to not treating the kids right, going to great lengths that put the kids in danger.

The lady revealed that her husband’s brother came home from abroad on a particular day to find the kids in a terrible state and that became the down fall of her marriage.

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While at campus, I was dating a married man, the wife would text me and plead but I always refused. I used her weaknesses to strengthen my relationship with her husband. So he tossed her out of the house and married me. His relatives didn’t even say anything or stop him, because he’s the second born, he’s rich and their dad died. His elder brother was abroad. So he used to do whatever he wanted, all his family members fear him and can’t stop him , except their eldest brother who is abroad. And since he was abroad, there’s nothing he could do.

Before she left she had 2 kids, after getting married to him I gave him twins. Esther I mistreated the woman’s kids don’t know what was wrong with me, I even convinced their dad to take them to a bad school, they were in an international school before. He got them some school in mityana, and even put them in boarding. They were still so young. I didn’t even care, I was the one encouraging him to do that I didn’t even feel guilty or pity) One of the kids had asthma, but I shamelessly sent her to school with no inhaler.

One time the kids got sick,they were at – home in the holidays, I refused to tell their dad or even take them to hospital. The kids got so so sick, and I was really not bothered. I would only mind about my own kids. I would even give them food only once a day, around 2pm, chai mukalu in the morning, and chai mukalu in the evening.

During that time, the elder brother of my husband travelled from abroad. The eldest. We call him afande because he’s a solidier. I drove to the airport and picked him. But he didn’t seem to like me, I played it cool. He reached out home and I served him food , took his luggage upstairs to the guest room. My kids came and greeted him. He asked me where the kids of the older wife were, I told him they’re sleeping.

He said he wanted to see them! told him later. He stood up and went to their room and found them so weak, so sick. Body temperature. The kids told him everything I have always done to them, he first used my car and drove them to clinic and came back with police men. I was arrested for 3 weeks.

I was kicked out, my husband wanted to give me a business to support his kids, the ones I gave birth to in the marriage.

But his elder brother told him to do DNA test and turned out the kids were not for my husband. Me I already knew about it, the kids were for another young man, and I knew it from the start. Ever since I have never heard from my husband again. Years after being kicked out, I lost one of my kids due to sickness. That was in 2017.

At some point I thought all the suffering was caused by the curse my ex mother in law put on me.

I have been in therapy for years, and I’m now getting okay.”

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