Pastor shares unusual opinion about marriage



A pastor sparks outrage as he claims women are not equal or in partnership with their husbands in marriage, sharing that they are owned by them instead.

He shared this message with some members in his congregation who were listening with rapt attention.

The preacher discarded the school of thought that there is equality between the two genders in marriage.

He claims even friendship is non-existent and the woman is simply owned by her husband.

He ended the short video by warning other women who do not want to be owned to discard the idea of marriage.

Here is how netizens reacted to the post

mz_potable said: “Truly For many are called, but few chosen. …… Social media pastor”

smartochuka asked: “Own kwa, as a slave naa abi? Everyday, different pastors comes up with different doctrines, this is why Christianity has become a thing of mockery”

taiwo_junzi stated: “God’s idea of Marriage isn’t slavery. If you want to be a Lord go and get employees not get married. A woman and her husband are soulmates. If someone is an helpmate there’s no reason to deem them beneath you. Lordship titles should never extend to your spouse, leave it to those working “under” you.”

_bee_starh reacted: “Na woman wey allow us to own her completely we go wife oo”

joblink9ja agreed: “He’s very correct though ”

Watch the video below

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