Shocking video shows man devouring large chunks of fufu with surprising ease



A man has stunned many online users as he effortlessly swallowed large chunks of fufu in a widely shared video.

In a viral video that’s caught the attention of many netizens, a man was seen molding a massive piece of fufu with impressive ease, swallowing it whole without any sign of struggle, much to the amazement of viewers.

The man seemed determined to astound viewers even more as he took another giant piece of fufu, dipped it in a bowl of soup, and nonchalantly swallowed it down. The poster captioned the video: “This guy fit swallow our problems for this country ”

He left onlookers in awe at his jaw-dropping ability to consume such large quantities of food with so much ease.

Read netizens’ reactions that followed

LightDgreat suggested: “ Let’s invite him over and feed him our problems. Bro where did you find this solution?”

Omotayo Olakede wrote: “Food is dry, and soup is watery, and you are saying e should not swallow like that. What joy is in that plate of food???”

Ogbeni leke said: “The funniest thing be say him throat no even be like say something enter am”

Ashanka said: “Make this one no handle woman bress o”

Jossey said: “Na poor man pikin Dey chop swallow Eba like this”


This guy fit swallow our problems for this country

— Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) July 3, 2024

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