Nigerian lady triggers online discussion as she shares voice note from older boyfriend



A Nigerian lady sparked a discussion by sharing a WhatsApp voice note from her older boyfriend who insists she must be quiet whenever he talks.

She posted a video on her TikTok page where she showed her face alongside a caption explaining the events in the video.

Nigerian lady shares voice note from older boyfriend.

The caption read: “You decided to date an older man.”

The voice recording featured the older man warning her, saying, “I will treat you badly. You started this. If you think you can make me leave you, I will come to your house, knock on your door, and we will have that argument.”

Since you want trouble, I will give you trouble until you repent and acknowledge me as a man in your life. When I’m talking to you, you must be quiet. After I finish, then you can tell me what you want to say. But you, always trying to bring logic.”

“You’re not having free conversations with me because you’re the one causing problems. Don’t worry, you will see. You think you can run away from me? No problem.”


The lady shared this message on her social media page, prompting concerned individuals to comment and share their thoughts.

See some reactions below: 

Edibles : “Is it weird that I like this?.”

WIZZYOFWARRI: “his English is nice tho.”

Ashiru Zainab: “I prefer men like this Not men that easily keeps malice .”

de_therapist0: “I love stubborn men Fr Shaa don’t bring logic for him nau .”

Her boyfriend’s wife : “The situation I find myself in .”

Finegirl_Bella: “Treat her bad she no deh hear word .”

justifeh: “My sis where you go wey you meet this one..”

miley: “President general among the nations .”

ESAN WITCH : “U think u can run away from him ehn aunty .”

Chi-Nenye: “My sister na cult you just enter so .”

Adesua Oluwashindara: “How did you find yourself in this situation.”



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