Four friends stir queries as they share their amazing growth in 5 years



Four friends has raised eyebrows on the internet after sharing the remarkable progress they’ve made within just 5 years.

Four Nigerian friends took to social media to inspire others with photos of how much they’ve grown over 5 years.

They shared photos of them from 2019 when they were much younger and that of 2024, sitting majestically on their individual vehicles.

However, the photos were questionable as one of the friends was noticeably missing in the 2024 photo, sparking questions from online users.

See some reactions below

Energy said: “They don use the 4th guy make money ”

Black Luna asked: “Where is the fourth guy?”

Abido shaker speculated: “Na the 4th guy snap the picture, he never make am”

President Eniola Daniel said: “Which work are they doing? I have been working for a decade and I haven’t bought a tyre with my salary.”

Bad Lieutenant queried: “There were 4 of them in 2019, how come there are only 3 in 2024? Where is the other one?”

Evangeline Chinyere said: “Yahoo boys should be hiding not displaying wealth online”


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