Baby mama Sophia Momodu shouldn’t expect wife benefits – AbdulShally



A famous ex-billionaire’s wife, AbdulShally weighs in on the custody battle between Sophia Momodu and Davido, stating that N5M is sufficient for housing allowance.

This came amid the messy custody battle between Sophia and the superstar singer who was accused of abandoning their kid and failing to provide financially in the last two years.

Adding her voice, AbdulShally stated that Davido’s N5M allowance offer is sufficient to cater for housing allowance anywhere in Nigeria.

Sharing her experience, the billionaire’s ex-wife stated that when she divorced, her husband sent her a Peugeot which she sold and bought a car of choice.

She added how she moved their kids to the US where school fees were ten times more expensive and she took it upon herself to add the extra since she decided to move to America.

AbdulShally concluded by stating that Sophia Momodu should not expect wife benefits as a baby mama while emphasizing the need for her to do her part too as a mother.

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