Candy Bleakz slams top female artistes for not helping others succeed



Rising hip-hop artist Candy Bleakz has spoken out about the lack of solidarity among female artists in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

On the latest episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, she expressed her disappointment that established female artists haven’t used their platforms to promote and support up-and-coming female talent.

candy Bleakz

While she didn’t call out specific names, Candy Bleakz emphasized that no prominent female artist in Nigeria has actively helped another female artist gain success in the industry.

She said …

“There’s no female artiste in Nigeria right now that you can say has helped bring out another female artiste.”

Candy Bleakz also opened up on her Tomboyish nature, explaining that it is not an act that she puts up for music promotion, but her true personality.

“I’m a tomboy naturally. I’m not doing it for music promotion. My mum had tried to change me but she couldn’t,” she added.

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