Moment man sleeps on woman’s shoulder as she carries him on motorcycle, video stirs humor



A video that has stirred humor online shows the moment a man sleeps off on a woman’s shoulder as she carries him on a motorcycle.

The viral TikTok video, posted by @prettyomah48, shows a woman driving a motorcycle with a man comfortably seated behind her, seemingly oblivious to the commotion around them.


As they speed along a busy road, onlookers shout in surprise, causing the man to briefly open his eyes and laugh, but he remains remarkably calm and unphased.

The viral video has sparked humorous reactions, with some viewers speculating that the man might be intoxicated, although this wasn’t shown to be true or false.

Check out reactions that followed …

@PrettyJay said: “She go carry m from bar.” @Mompere said: “He find peace in his woman.”

@Qweenie3312 said: “She go carry her husband from beer parkour where him don high una dey talk love.”

@Eziagbo said: “Comfort of a good wife is like that of a mother. Pls allow him to enjoy his peace of mind.”

@@jenom101_on_ig said: “To find woman wey go give you peace like dis for dis generation na by connection.”

@Nellydora_10 said: “This man is in love. E no get wetin you wan tell me.”

Watch video below …



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