Outcry over fuel price increase


he availability of fuel came with a price as residents of Amuwo Odofin Local Government area have had to purchase a liter of petrol for N180 and N185.

The current increase in fuel prices followed the scarcity in the area and other parts of Lagos State a week ago.

Some residents complained that they had to pay an additional N100 before fuel station attendants filled jerry cans for them.

What people in Amuwo Odofin are saying about the fuel scarcity:

Erezi Ann, who is a business owner said. “This is not a good time for the fuel increment to have happened and I’m not finding it funny at all. especially because of the general situation of the country.

“As a small business owner, we have to deal with running a generator at the workplace and we now have to add petrol to it as well.

“I drive a car that is not fuel economical and it is going to be much worse with the increment. I don’t know which direction we are going as a country. it is a sad situation, to say I’m frustrated is saying the least but it is well.”

Mohammed Ibrahim, security personnel said, “the price is too much. we no know wetin we won do. Make them help us carry am come down. some filling stations go ask for 100 before dem sell for keg and some no dey sell for keg at all.”

Alex Samuel, who is a painter, commented. “I am frustrated by the current situation. Boarding a bus from Iyana Iba to First Gate used to be N300 but it’s not N500. Okada riders now charge N200 from First Gate to Festac Link road, which used to be N100. 

“The situation has affected me deeply. it is hard to save money and we also have to eat.”

What is said by the Federal Government

The Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to crack down on filing stations that sell fuel for more than N165, according to reports on Nairametrics.

M. Farouk Ahmed, Authority Chief Executive, Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), made this disclosure in a statement following a joint examination of fuel stations in Abuja. 

According to NMDPRA, the Federal Government has not changed its decision about the price of fuel which is still N165 for a litre. 

He said since nobody was above the law and regulations must be enforced. Measures such as stopping service at a specific depot and closing it would be done. 

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