TIME OUT WITH JCASH – People inspire my music!

Our Media crew caught up with one of Festac Brightest Music Star J-CASH (TRANSFORMER-New Singles)
1.Who is Jcash?

I am JayCash, and I am a singer/rapper, songwriter and music producer, amongst other things that I do, I.e Acting, music mentoring and CEO of CMJ entertainment.

2.How would you define what you do to a novice?

I am a musician, an entertainer and a business man who is very lucky to have all he’s dreams laid out in front of him.

3.At what point in your life did you know this career path?

Can’t remember my exact age then but I know I wrote my first song when I was in primary 6 and since then I’ve not wanted to follow any other career path.

Any regrets?

Not really, if there was ever any regrets then it’ll be allowing my parents, family and society to temporarily derail me from this path! But now I’ve come to understand that timing is important and the temporary derailment was necessary to build and strengthen my person! Which is very essential in my chosen career.

4.How did your parents react to your decision?

Like I hinted earlier, it was difficult for my parents and older siblings to understand my career choice especially then when society sees professions like medicine, engineering, law etc as (A or high class) and acting, singing, dancing, etc as (C or lower class), but they soon learnt to accept it and are now very encouraging and supportive! I think it’s because societal views have changed

5.How has been a festac breed affected your career choice?

Il say being a Festac breed is 100% responsible for my career choice and I am very grateful and appreciative of this influence!

FESTAC is a festival of Art and Culture, and music the driving point of Arts and culture!

So I am very proud to be representing festac town! The town of LEGENDS and the home of HIPHOP in Nigeria.

6.What inspires your music?

PEOPLE! People inspire my music!

Feelings and emotions such as LOVE and FEAR determine our actions daily, and a collective of each or both of these feelings and emotions affects our society and the world at large!

So my music inspirations is derived from these and how it affects PEOPLE!

7.Do you have plans for music concert in festac?



Not sure of particular dates but currently having talks with the promoters.

8.How did you come about your lyrics?

Most of my lyrics are gotten from share inspiration based on mine or other people’s experience! While others are just fiction inspired by what I want or do not want to happen.

9.How does it feel to be part of festac (the home of legends)?

It feels GREAT!

I am very privileged to be part of festac (the home of legends) and very grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained growing up in Festac town and the support and encouragement I have received from people and fans in festac.

10.Do you feel festac been a town of arts and culture has a market for what you do and why?

Yes I do! Because I work to produce GOOD MUSIC!

My music styles are: HipHop, R&B, DanceHall, Reggae, fused in AfroBeat! And I write all kinds of music.
My reason for this conclusion is that Festac is a festival of Arts and Culture, and from my observation and experience, festac will welcome any type of music as long as it’s good music.
11.What in your own view will be the best way to promote music in festac.

Hmm now that is a bit tricky because every artists wants to be known nationally and internationally,

But il advice that a festac artist first strives to promote he’s music in Lagos state through TV, Radio and online medias like festactown.com.ng, etc
Then watch it grow and spread nationally!

Remember you’ll be repping Festac town so Festac town will always have your back.

12.What is your advice for young people interested in what you do?

Stay positive, Stay happy, avoid being angry or frustrated! Believe in yourself, Don’t be dependent, never give up, and most importantly, PRACTISE!! WORK on ur music skills! Don’t chase the money, it will CHASE YOU!

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