Lady blasts man who asked her out 24 hours after giving him her number, leaks chat



Lady sparks outrage as she leaks chat while berating man who asked her out barely 24 hours after she gave him her number.

The lady known as @_simply_tori took to Twitter to vent over the incident which had allegedly transpired.

Lady @_Simply_tori. X.

In her narrative, she said that she was hurrying to catch a ride home at night when the guy had approached her, and she ended up giving him her number.

Next morning, she was surprised to find him going straight to the point of asking her out.

In the chat she leaked, the man can be seen baring his heart out about the admiration he has for her.

The unknown man confessed about how he felt for her immediately he saw her for the very first time.

However, the lady found this to be too direct and labelled the man to be a disgrace.

“He took my number last night as I was rushing to get a car home and this is him this morning
Some of you MEN are a DISGRACE
Just less than 24hrs ,” she wrote.

Reactions have trailed this …

@natioon opined: “By now either he’s not good looking or broke. Like he fine wey sanso get money aa, you no go post this here. Make money bro.”

@Lesskay1 wrote: “ love at first sight? Guy man want skip terms and conditions”

@AbeikuSZN rebuked: “There’s nothing wrong with him telling you how he feels. You can let him down gently but posting this here is childish”

@wokwasia said: “Your rudeness is something else”

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