Outrage as new mother is forced to pound yam for husband and his mother



New mother gets empathy from netizens after her husband and his mother forced her to pound yam and ogbono soup only a day after giving birth.

The sad story was shared by a medic, @ImpactRoberts, on the microblogging platform, X, where he advised women to be careful of the men they have babies with.

According to him, the woman had given birth at the hospital where he works and throughout the time she was in labor up until she gave birth, her husband did not show up.

After she was discharged to go home, she returned the next day, requesting for bed rest without explaining what brought her back.

Eventually, the husband and his mother showed up, promising to cause a scene if the new mother did not return back home.

This was when the rest of the hospital staff were informed that she was ordered to cook pounded yam and ogbono soup for them just after she returned home from the hospital.

In his words;

Dear [Nigerian] Women…

In All You Do,

Do Not ‘GET PREGNANT’ For Just Any Man!!!

This Man’s Wife Birthed a Beautiful Baby Girl On Tuesday [Husband Never Showed Up at the Hospital By The Way],
They [Mother and Child] Went Home Yesterday, but I was Absolutely stunned to see her at the hospital very early this morning.

Me : “Anh Anh, Mama Oyibo, Are you okay? Why are you back after just a Day?”

W : “Ahh, Doc, I just want take Bed Rest for Here Abeg, I go gist You Later”

An Hour Later,
Her Supposed ‘Husband’ shows up at the hospital with his Mom,
Cursing and Cussing at This Woman,
Insisting That she must follow them back home or they’d wreck havoc on the entire Wing!

It’ll shock you to know that This Woman who just Pushed out a 2.7kg human was FORCED TO COOK Soup and POUND Yam last Night For her Husband His Mother last Night!

I was Beyond Shocked and Embittered!!!”

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