Pretty Mike advises those who moved into new month with bad character



Popular socialite, Pretty Mike offers advice to people who entered the new month with their usual bad character.

The socialite asserted that he is exhausted with the happy new month wishes he has been listening to.

Pretty Mike

For him, it’s simply another day, and if someone carries over their negative attitude into the new month, nothing will change.

He counseled them to change their ways so they can come in contact with their helpers this month.

He went on to say that someone who spends carelessly will never be able to establish financial balance because they lack self-control.

In his words: “Tbh I’m tired of saying or hearing all these Happy new Month. It’s just another day to me, because nothing changes if you still carry that your whocup attitude enter new month, u no still settle. If you still spend recklessly without planning, you can never have balance cause no financial discipline. If you carry that bad character enter May, you may not find your helper. So change your ways. Let it be a happy new you. The days and months won’t stop counting but your life will stop one day… time no dey”


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