Brilliant hawker floors bus passengers, says ‘banana’ is pronounced ‘bonana’, reveals botanical name



A grown man hawking bananas stunned many as he revealed that ‘Musa Species’ is the botanical name of the fruit, while also asserting that its true pronunciation is ‘Bonana,’ not Banana.

This revelation comes from a viral video circulating on a popular social media platform.

Hawker floors passengers with banana’s real pronunciation.

The man selling bananas was stopped on the road by passengers who proceeded to ask him questions about the fruit he was selling.

When questioned about the botanical name of the bananas he sells, he confidently responded, ‘Musa Species.’

Upon further inquiry, he clarified that the correct pronunciation is ‘Bonana,’ not ‘Banana,’ as commonly believed.

The intelligence and articulate manner in which he answered the questions amazed the bus occupants, who couldn’t help but express their admiration for the banana seller’s revelation.



♬ original sound – Mř čãPţāïŇ

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