Nigerian woman expresses dismay over Ilorin pizza order



A Nigerian woman has raised eyebrows online as she expresses disappointment over the appearance of the pizza she ordered and received in Ilorin.

This is evident in a video she shared on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian woman expresses dismay over Ilorin pizza order.

In the video, captioned ‘You got Pizza in Ilorin,’ the Nigerian lady’s face is shown, followed by her displaying the pack or box of the pizza.

Eventually, she removes the pizza from the pack and shows it, expressing immediate disappointment over its appearance.

She remarks that it is not what she expected to receive. Additionally, she notes that the pizza was very small and placed inside a much larger box, which also confused her.

Concerned individuals have taken to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

OhhdatsIFE: “Any pizza that’s not pizza jungle in Ilorin my hand no dey.”

BEAUTY OMA: “you see pizza inside abi you no see pizza, ehn baby.”

FAMUYIDE OBATEERE: “This pizza look yummy pass Dominos own them just need sack the packaging department ! 6k pizza no fit big pass this truth be told.”

King Nick: “Perhaps you ordered mini size & they packed it in big size pack.”

Dor_cas: “it shrinked before it got to your place.”

E-s-t-h-e-r: “U no even happy day them put cheese and spicy see the one I but na bread and stew.”



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