29-yr-old lady cries out for advice as fiancé asks her to quit her Customs job to join his POS business



A 29-yr-old lady earning N370K from her Customs job has cried out for advice as her fiancé who works as a teacher asks her to quit her job to do POS business.

The lady took to a relationship platform to secretly share her plight with members of the group as she sought their opinion.


In her account of events, the lady revealed that she has been living with her man for over a year and their marriage is coming soon and still at the planning stage.

Additionally, she revealed that she works as a junior staff with the Nigerian customs with a take-home pay of N370K as a junior staff.

Her husband, who contributes practically nothing, earns N60K as a teacher and from the little POS business he does.

Her dilemma is that her fiancé wants her to leave the job to join him in doing the POS business.

She revealed that she’s afraid of parting ways with him because age is no longer on her side.

Her narrative …

“Mymny favour post without my identity to wio, my marriage is upcoming but have been living with my man for a year now and he has never provided a cup of garri for us, I do everything from food to house rent, I work with custom though still a junior level and my take home home is 370k himself runs a pos and also work as a teacher with 60k take home pay. He hasn’t been providing because he said he is saving up money for our marriage but we had a discussion last week and he said he has only saved 300k for one year now and he said he will need me to stop my job and take over the pos and will have to change my sin. Age is not on my am currently 29 and will be 30 soon he is 37 please I need advice”

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