Etinosa Idemudia drags Pere Egbi over previous unpaid debt, confirms payment



Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia drags BBNaija star, Pere Egbi over an unpaid debt, confirming she has received the payment in full.

Gistreel reported that the actress previously used the X platform to address a former BBNaija star regarding an unpaid debt spanning a year, without disclosing the debtor’s identity.

Etinosa Idemudia.

Finally revealing the debtor as Pere Egbi, she cautioned him to promptly refund if unable to fulfill a paid job, confirming a full refund of payment.

She emphasized their disparity in status within the movie industry, expressing frustration over prevalent negative behaviors.

Etinosa asserted her lack of respect for those who disregard professionalism and stated that such individuals should decline casting opportunities.

Pere Egbi.

In her words: “Payment received IN FULL. Dear @PereEgbi if you know you can’t do a job you were paid for, respectfully refund without stress. It helps your integrity. P.S. I am not your mate in this industry. Cheers

“We allow bad behaviour too much in this industry. If you can’t keep to your agreement with a producer, don’t take his or her money. Nobody plucks money from trees. Keep your bad stinking work ethics at home when you come on set. Etinosa Idemudia 2024. God bless us all.

“I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR WHO HAS NO RESPECT FOR HIS OR HERSELF. I NO WELL. no let my motherhood journey and calmness make you forget who I am!! Please if you have no respect for your work do not take my casting call. If I call you sef, block me!! Ogun dey kee you.”


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