James Brown accuses sister of betrayal for allegedly backing neighbor in assault incident



Controversial crossdresser, James Brown has accused his sister, Gracious of betrayal, alleging that she supported his neighbor and his wife in an incident where he was assaulted.

Taking to his Instagram page, James Brown claimed that he had “dishonored” his sister and subsequently posted a video showing injuries sustained on his forehead and shoulder.

In the caption accompanying the video, the crossdresser stated that he was attacked by his neighbor and their spouse, expressing particular anguish over his sister’s alleged support of the assailants.

He wrote: “I dishonored gracious As my sister. More information Coming soon. My obsession neighbor & his wife did this to me with my sister supporting them the most painful part”

Read some reactions that followed…

brownskin_boys stated: “Last year u celebrated ur birthday with 300 million naira house .and u are still fighting with ur neighbor .fake life eeeh”

thorfboy asked: “But you be man nah why you allow woman beat you ? Eeh fine girl ”

meedey.mercy said: “You no fit face your neighbor man 2 man ehn James?”

the_real_tobe_official said: “Sorry brother, you’ll be fine princess This is really bad”

kvngrexzo said: “Why your sister no go support them? When you wan take there sisterhood?”

James Brown noted: “More info coming , I’m presently taken treatment ”


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