Junior Pope: Survivor, ThankGod Ikoma claims Mercy Johnson was in the boat that ended actor’s life



ThankGod Ikoma, one of the survivors of the boat accident that took the lives of Junior Pope and other crew members, has alleged that Mercy Johnson was present in the boat.

ThankGod Ikoma’s recent revelation that a certain Mercy Johnson; presumably the well-known Nollywood actress was among those on board has made a stir online in the wake of the tragic boat accident that took the lives of late actor Junior Pope and four other survivors.

The sudden death of the adored actor Junior Pope last month; along with four other crew members—due to a terrible drowning in the Anam River, Anambra state, while filming Adanma Luke’s film “The Other Side of Life” has made national news and sparked strong sentiments.

Mercy Johnson, Nollywod actress

Following this tragic event, multiple survivors, eyewitnesses, and the film producer came forward with varying accounts of what happened before and after the boat crash.

It’s interesting to note that Mercy Johnson’s name was noticeably missing from the list of people on board the overturned boat amid the flurry of tales that surfaced in the immediate aftermath.

ThankGod Ikoma, a victim of the tragic boat tragedy who received a N2 million gift from the Billionaire Prophet, described in detail the terrifying experience that preceded the capsizing during his testimony at Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s church.

He disclosed that when the tragic incident occurred on the Anam River, he and the late Junior Pope were on board the boat with four other unlucky crew members.

However, in a twist and turn of events, Mercy Johnson’s name has emerged as one of the actors on board the day the accident occurred.

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