Lady shares unusual action her friend took after finding her trying to take her life



Nigerian lady shock many internet users as she reveals the bold action her friend took after catching her trying to commit suicide.

The young lady took to her Tiktok account, @da.bratt_sasy, to share the events that occurred.

She revealed she was struggling with her mental health at some point in her life and came to the painful conclusion to end it all.

Unfortunately for her, her friend caught her in the act and beat her up to change her mind.

Many netizens have commended the friend for her actions.

Here are some reactions to the video below

@Scarf Lord prayed: “God bless her,who you want run leave? She suppose add Oraimo join the package make the thought for vanish.”

@ claimed: “she was not ready for trauma”

@peterjoybose added: “My junior brother caught me , I thank God ooo life is sweet ”

@Cylia advised: “Cherish that friendship forever ”

@SA said: “I know I am not supposed to laugh but I am trying to process the whole thing ”

@Claire commented: “I am so sorry you ever felt that way!! May you continue to flourish and heal!! ”

@IamKhaleesi wrote: “I hope say she give you mark to de remind you”

Watch the video here


Ah its a joke please #fypシ#mymentalhealthisdeteriorating @𝕵𝖆𝖞𝖙𝖎𝖎𝖎𝖎

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