Skales compares himself to King Solomon, says he has dated 100 women



Nigerian artist Skales has likened himself to King Solomon, after claiming to have dated 100 women throughout his life.

This statement was made during an interview on Sheye Banks’ show, Drip Check At The Nike Store.

When asked how many women he had dated throughout his life, Skales estimated it was around 100.

Skales drew analogies to the Biblical figure who had 700 wives and 300 concubines, reflecting on his own dating experiences.

kales, Nigerian artist

He added that when he was younger and single, he met several ladies and followed a similar path as the biblical figure, King Solomon.

Skales accepted his mistakes and the consequences of his conduct as he reflected on his previous behavior.

“I have dated about 100 women or so. If I wasn’t married I would probably be on the King Solomon path” he declared.

“Let me explain. I’m in a different situation right now but back then I just couldn’t get enough of women. Women are endless, you know? You keep going to the streets and you see women everywhere bro. As at then, I would have been like King Solomon. You know he had like so many wives and how many concubines. This guy used to travel and take ships to meet these women.”

“I did a lot of childish things back then. What do you expect from a teenager that had a lot of fame and lots of access to women? There are a lot of good women that I lost because of my childish mentality or behavior and stuff like that. I’m becoming a better man now.”

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