Asher Kine slams critic who accused him of ‘showboating’ after flaunting G-Wagon on his birthday



Popular content creator, Asher Kine pushes back against an online critic who accused him of “showboating” for showcasing his G-Wagon on his birthday.

Renowned for his unique content of treating strangers to a 30-second free shopping spree, Asher Kine marked his birthday by sharing a video.

Asher Kine.

In the clip, he emerges from a white G-Wagon, pops a champagne bottle, and showcases his dance moves.

An X user, @ObiChijiokefest criticized Asher for showboating in the video, expressing skepticism about the sustainability of his apparent opulence.

He wrote: “This guy’s level of showboating, “keeping up with the Joneses,” and illusion of opulence is something I’m keen on understanding how it will turn out in the long run. Imagine pretending to be prosperous and engaging in a false display of wealth in order to appear Nouveau riche.

In response, Asher advised him to rent a G-Wagon, emphasizing that there’s no intention to impress or oppress anyone.

His words: “lmao obi please. G wagon is 200k to rent, Nobody dey try opress you ok? pele.”

Check out some reactions that followed…

Iampelumi asked: “If Asher fit get hater who I be”

iamAbiodunAA said: “Alkaline sef get 8ter? Omoooo Nawa o. Na only water no get enemy true true”

Su_Su suggested: “Wahala Abeg do 30sec game for am, make him mind come down.”

still pretty said: “maybe obi never chop this night, na hunger. no mind am”

The Igbo Queen asked: “Obi wey never chop Where he wan see 200k rent G Wagon?”


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