Papaya Ex address critics, shares more information on money making class



Papaya Ex clears the air on her money making class, claiming it is free and that the N235k charge is just for the uniform, pen, and paper needed in the class.

The influencer recently trended over her decision to start a class where she offered to teach people how to make money.

For some of her already selected students who paid the amount required, she sent them their kit which consists of a branded shirt carrying her name, as well as a pen and a book.

Influencer, Papaya Ex.

Papaya Ex shared a new video, revealing that she was misunderstood and she is not charging any fees from those interested in making money.

She claimed that she did not want to admit more than 20 students but since she got a lot of followers begging for a chance to be part of her class, she decided to leave the applications open to others as well.

Watch the video below

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