Nigerian man who relocated to US on student visa sends his family N20k; their reactions go viral



A Nigerian man residing in the United States of America (US) has sparked a wave of reactions on social media after revealing his family’s response to him sending N20k to them in Nigeria.

The gesture, intended as a financial support, was met with strong reactions and criticism from his relatives.

According to reports, the family, particularly his older brother and sister-in-law, expressed disdain with the amount sent.

The incident, narrated by a man identified as Arsenal Babe on Twitter, reportedly involves their cousin who relocated to the US on a student visa in 2021.

Despite his circumstances as a student, his family back home expected more financial support from him.

The situation escalated when the man’s older brother and sister-in-law criticized him for allegedly not sending enough money despite their requests.

The man said in part;

“…My cousin who came to the US to study in 2021 and suddenly his older brother and the wife (her especially) started beefing him that he couldn’t send them something or he tells them he doesn’t have when they ask. The wife says things like; when he was in Uniben, he comes here for vacation, I am the one who cook and gives him food. I even collect money from his brother to buy him things when he is returning back to school. Eventually, that same wife’s younger brother wanted to get married and he sent him N20k. He called him to say he was disappointed that only N20k was what he could send to him for his wedding. A student in school on student visa o…”

This family dispute over financial support eventually strained relations, leading the man to cease communication with his brother’s family.

Netizens Reactions…

@Patriotpsi said; ” For me it is really that everyone abroad value time & money, you will patiently wait to collect 1 dollar change.. which in Nigeria you will dash the seller. My first lesson..Value time & appreciate little money.”

@FrankEke14 remarked; “Kindness looks beyond attitudes and responses, it’s about giving to the unworthy and unthankful because they need it and because it is in your power. Having smth to give doesn’t mean we’re better, it is just a privilege and an opportunity to serve others. Be glad, cheerful.”

@arsenalbabe asked; @”FrankEke14 I don’t understand your response at all. Are you saying we should continue to hand over our money to ungrateful individuals?.”

@Adewole0001 said; “I have an elder brother who’s in New York. Anytime he sent me money as small as 15k, I could thank him for billions times and tell him how grateful I am for the money he sent.”

@arsenalbabe_ said; “Maintain that attitude and you will see the best of him. Nothing pisses someone abroad off like entitlement considering how hard money is made here.Amb.”

@AFC_Arrow ·siad; “The most relatable story EVER!.”

@Dark_Gyal_Omi · said; “You people are making it sound as if it’s only when u travel abroad people act entitled to your money Ontop my 5k wey dey account I still dey hear word.

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