Nigerian lady buys expensive wig with money made from akara business, flaunts it online



A Nigerian lady who sells Akara for a living sparked a conversation on social media when she bought herself an expensive wig using earnings from her Akara sales.

She shared a post on a popular social media platform with a caption that explained the video.

Nigerian lady buys expensive wig with money made from akara business.

The caption reads: “Because my Akara has bought me a new wig again. Enjoying Akara money.”

The video suggests that the lady earns significantly from her Akara business and decided to treat herself to a new wig with her earnings.

She posted the video online, prompting many individuals to share their thoughts in the comments.

See some reactions below: 

vee-baby: “you go soon tell us the truth.”

Jsmart: “anybody wey wan kpai make e kpai. enjoy my love .”

chummy G: “I love the look mama is giving luxury .”

muniratsule852: “wait oo but dis girl fine oo like when i go fine like dis.”

Blessingdhairs: “Thanks for comming baby.”

Loner : “My love am the girl that greated u at Ada Achalla on Thursday.”

Bela Gloria: “you always inspire me keep doing what you are doing.”

KING NASA : “Ma,a do small chops for me na .”

BlenzyThrift: “ur shop dey for mopol base at okopun I saw u day before yesterday.”

oziomaezeh: “my love for u ee , fine girl with so much sense God bless ur hustle baby girl.”

CROCHET HATS SHOP(OSUN STATE): “Abi make i start akara business ni which way bai .”



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