Ossai Success slams Davido for wearing Yoruba attire in pre-wedding photos



Popular media personality Ossai Ovie Success criticizes singer Davido for dressing in a Yoruba attire with Chioma in his recently released pre-wedding photos.

On his Facebook page, the aide to the Delta State governor stated that the singer disrespected the Igbo culture with his Yoruba attire while getting married to an Igbo girl.

Ossai Ovie Success.

He stated that in many African cultures, wearing the bride’s cultural attire is a gesture of respect and unity. Despite being happy for the couple, he felt compelled to share his thoughts, even though he would be attending the wedding.

In his words: “Davido disrespected the Igbo Culture with his Yoruba dressing while getting married to an Igbo Girl. Davido’s pre-wedding photos is an insult to Igbo Culture .

“This is an error because as a man, when you are getting married to a woman, it’s paramount you respect her culture by dressing in her culture. I was surprised to see Davido’s pre-wedding photos where he wore Yoruba attire despite marrying an Igbo woman, Chioma.

“As someone who values cultural heritage, I believe it’s important to respect and honor each other’s traditions, especially on special occasions like weddings. In many African cultures, dressing in the bride’s cultural attire is a sign of respect and unity.

“I am happy for Davido and Chioma but I just have to speak the truth even though I will be attending their wedding.”


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