Father in shock as son transforms his village church into modern one, passionately blesses him



A young man has left many in awe with the remarkable transformation he brought to his father’s village church, capturing every detail of the renovation in a captivating TikTok video.

The video, shared by @nanateawashere, begins by showcasing the humble beginnings of the church, revealing its initial condition and the challenges it faced.

Surprisingly, the young man embarked on a mission to revitalize the church, envisioning it as a modern ‘mini-city church’ that would resonate with a new generation.

Through a series of videos, viewers witness the church’s stunning makeover unfold.

One of the video’s most touching moments captures the young man’s father blessing him as he kneels in prayer.

Netizens Reactions..

Original Ashanti said; “And I just heard…your cup shall never run dry.

Jenny Amaka wrote; “Just as u built God’s house.. He will built urs for u.”

King652 commented; “Please buy him 5 new suits with different colors. Thank you.”

Udedibor Churchill C said; “Upgrade of Business premises is allowed. Heavier tithes and offerings loading. Congratulations brother.”

Whiteness said; “How can we support to install AC.”

Nana Tea said; “Any support is highly welcome sir.”

Ododo said; “The Apostolic Church??? Omo iran ologo. Glorious vision.”

Mezie nwa said; “Expansion of family business, I like how you called it your father’s church.”

Bar_rack said; “I wish I had the opportunity to do this for my dad in his church, but I lost him and my mum at the same time few months ago.”

LIFE said; “May the God of The Apostolic Church continually bless you.”

Mystery Man said; “Later now, some members will say he’s using tithe and offering.”

Nana Tea said;: “That’s not his personal church.. Its not one man church.hes just an elder in the church.

Joe said; “I just heard the Lord says you shall be the head and not the tail.”

Grace Enam said; “Waoo God bless you. Am also a proud Apostolic.”

De Lucky said; “Good Business, keep it up!! Starting mine soon.”

Swtabi said; “This transformation is going to help win more souls for Christ. God bless you Nana.”

Kenzo_wire said; “I wish I can love this post a million times.”

 EJ said; “This is the most beautiful thing one can do in the house of the lord.”

Benitanoo said; “For this wonderful thing you’ve done, I pray that the mighty hands of God will continue to rest upon you.” 

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I Turned my dad’s village church into a mini city church As a Father’s Day gift .

♬ original sound – Nana Tea

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