Eyewitness shares what Danfo driver did after hitting a car in Lagos



A Nigerian man narrates the unusual action a Danfo driver took after mistakenly hitting a car in Lagos traffic.

The young man took to his Twitter account, @Anufadelele, to share the story.

He had boarded the Danfo to his location when their driver hit a private expensive car.

In a bid to escape the situation, the driver sat at the back of his bus where he pretended to be one of the passengers.

In his words;

“The danfo I entered this morning hit a Lexus 2022 model. The damages were really bad tho, now the driver is seated at the back claiming he was one of the passenger ”

See the post below

Here is how netizens reacted to the post

@japhetho asked: “And you sef sit down inside the bus ?”

@meggiebangz reacted: “Lol lagos drivers are wild ”

@ThatUrhoboGirl asked: “So who con be driver? Make than carry all of una go”

@daram_ola added: “Haha! This is funny… So, who is taking responsibility for the whole thing? I don’t blame him though. The man is broke, thinking of family, thinking of expenses, and so on.”

@sales_unwana commented: “And you all kept mute… No be me, ah swear , I go point am….”

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