Little boy’s extreme love for Nike shoes honored with shoe box-shaped coffin at funeral



A little boy goes viral on social media as he is buried in a coffin shaped like a Nike shoe box due to his love for Nike shoes while he was alive.

In a video that has attracted thousands of likes, shares, and hundreds of comments on TikTok, the coffin, which looks exactly like a Nike shoe box, is revealed, followed by a glimpse of the boy laid to rest in it.

Little boy is laid to rest in custom Nike shoe box coffin.

Captions accompanying the post reveal that the boy loved Nike shoes so much that he would always keep them safe and secure.

To honor him, his parents decided to bury him in a coffin shaped and designed like a Nike shoe box.

The post gained significant attention from social media users after going online.

See some reactions below:

What a new life : “ Beautiful…I buried my hubby in his pjs dressing gown and slippers when asked why my only reply was so he could rest comfortably.”

Charleigh Lou: “Sorry for your loss. But that is so clever! That’s as personal as it gets was it hard to find someone to do that (just curious).”

craigwills362022: “rest in piece pal hope u get all the nikes in heaven bro . my son was killed age 12 l understand your pain im here if u need anything x.”

Sophie: “i didn’t even know they did things like that! that’s cool as hell!! think they would a doc marten box for me? oh not wait a big mac box!!.”

Anna Lou: “So sorry for your loss. But this gave me goosebumps best I’ve ever seen . Done him proud. .”

miniandfrench6: “rest well Joe fly with the Angels. Condolences to the family .”

GunjaQueen: “I think it’s smart now I want to have my coffin look like a bong.”

Sally: “You do what you think is what they want if you know them the best well its your choice no one needs to be judged. my husband wants to put on my stone just going for a quick smoke lol.”

Donna: “Personally as his family you know what he would like in all honesty .”


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