Nigerian artist goes viral for salt portrait of Davido and Chioma



A talented Nigerian artist has gone viral on social media for drawing portraits of popular Nigerian singer Davido and his wife, Chioma, using salt.

This was revealed in a post he made on a popular social media platform in Nigeria.

Nigerian artist goes viral for salt portrait of Davido and Chioma.

The artist can be seen in the video pouring salt on a clean black surface and then using a brush to form a portrait.

After several touches, he created a perfect portrait of Davido. Shortly after, he formed a portrait of the singer’s wife, Chioma, also using salt.

The beautiful scene attracted the attention of many social media users, who have stormed the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Iam_depeju: “Let’s make a chain to tag Davido here @davido.”

OMENAKUWAIT: “Bro cooked with so much salt ,yet meal tastes so goood .”

Nemi: “Where I Dey when God Dey share talent.”

CHINECHEREM: “This talent is rawwwwy is it not going viral.”

chase: “The voice behind the sound. 30BG 4lyf.”

Çhi Som: “Nothing pains me more than when I see talents like this not going viral.i love this .”

bliss moondella: “please when this reach a million likes. u guys should let me know cus this is beautiful.”

Emediong Andy: “how did you even do it so well,brooo!!! this is talent.”

bellanaa370: “it’s a 10 over 10 minus nothing not even 9.”

Kelly robin: “this thing na salt you really take do am for me to believe you do my own.”

Ella: “From a scale of 1-10, you definitely broke the scale…I give you 30,000,000,000 .”

Timmicute84: “How una dey take discover Talent ahbeg .”

Ifeoma Inweh: “i love drawing but this is so nice of u and with salt wow creative .”



Made for @davido x Chefchi #chivido

♬ original sound – EMOTONED

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