Mr Ibu’s daughter recounts meeting father for the first time on sick bed



The first daughter of the late Nollywood legend Mr Ibu, Okafor Amarachi opens up on the agony of meeting her father for the first time right before his untimely demise.

At his funeral, Amarachi shared her heartbreaking reality, disclosing that she never had any interactions with her father and had only ever seen him on his sickbed.

She expressed deep regret that their relationship never developed and that her only memory of him would be their first meeting on his deathbed.

Amarachi described her experience as the complete opposite of the grandeur and kindness others associated with Mr. Ibu.

“I’m his first daughter and we had a lot of moments together but I didn’t get to meet him until he was sick in the hospital and that was the first and last time we got to see each other. That’s the only thing I can tell you about our relationship,” she said.

Speaking on how it felt meeting him for the first time, Amarachi added, “Meeting him on a sickbed was so frustrating; it’s not something I love talking about. I just have to accept it the way I saw it.”

On missing out on a relationship with Mr Ibu, she stated, “I’m not happy that I didn’t get to meet him; share that father and daughter relationship very long.”

Her unfortunate revelation has elicited an outpouring of sympathy.

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