Paulo Okoye reveals true personality amid feud with VeryDarkMan



Talent manager Paulo Okoye has chosen to reveal his true personality to the public amid an ongoing feud with activist VeryDarkMan.

It is worth noting that Paulo Okoye recently criticized VeryDarkMan after the latter accused Iyabo Ojo, Okoye’s partner, of only being invited to the after-party of Davido’s wedding.

Paulo Okoye.

In a recent post, Okoye emphasized his over 35 years of experience in providing loyal customer service, stating that his focus is on the people he serves.

He also claimed that he has never considered himself a “big boy,” instead identifying as a “very local man” and a bushman from the inception. Okoye highlighted that his daily priority is to wake up with God’s strength and work hard.

His words: “Paulo Is just a loyal customer service. Over 35 years experience, What I care for is people. I serve As far as there ok that’s good for Me. For Name calling lol Your mumu lol your this or your that lol I never a big boylama bushman from day one lol Very local man Insult is my 2nd Name lol I don’t Care Na you go call tire As far as I wake up everyday God give me health to work hard !!!! That’s good for me”


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