Verydarkman drags Ashmusy after she tried to connive with the vendor to set him up



Controversial activist, Verydarkman reveals Ashmusy tried to set him up with the vendor after he called her out to refund the 1 million naira she collected for brand promotion.

It would be recalled that Verydarkman had called out the influencer for collecting the cash and failing to deliver.

Verydarkman. Photo source: Twitter.

After being called out Ashmusy had refunded the cash to the vendor and thereafter issued an apology.

Verydarkman took to his Instagram again to disclose that Ashmusy tried to connive with the vendor to set him up.

Ashmusy. Photo source: Instagram.

Apparently, Ashmusy had tried to convince the vendor to say that the reason she hadn’t refunded the cash was because he (the vendor) was toasting her.

Verydarkman blasted her for trying to set him up, while expressing surprise at her audacity.

Watch him speak below:

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