Mixed reactions as black couple gives birth to light skinned baby



A black couple raises eyebrows on social media as they flaunt their light skinned baby, whom they thought would be dark skinned.

The video of the child was shared by the mother, @_thesimonee to her Tiktok page where it has now gone viral.

The black couple.

She expressed her surprise as she had expected that her baby would have dark skin, like both her and her husband.

See some reactions to her post below

@Mini Mina said: “when my sister was born she was completely white, now she blacker than the night”

@Adrienne claimed: “This happened to me and my babydaddy sneak and got a dna test and it came out his I know he was salty LMFAO”

@flames1548 added: “Dem don bring new name call am Eve gene. Them go whine u but no panic. U see that test, run am o”

@RHA HEENAH asked: “pls give us update after the DNA….the baby cute tho”

@LÄMMŸ reacted: “Your wife go whine you but no panic ”

@b_unique reacted: “Most babies come out this way… her skin will darken as she grows”

@green_tutorsng opined: “Well it could be a recessive gene She either got the gene from her grand parents”

Watch the video here


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