Lady dies shortly after giving birth to first child after 13 years of waiting



A Nigerian lady identified Mesuur Abata has reportedly passed away shortly after giving birth to her first child following a 13-year wait.

The news was shared by Jessica Sewuese Zever on Facebook, where she recounted the young woman’s poignant story.

According to Jessica, Abata had eagerly awaited the birth of her child for over a decade. She had a strong desire to move into her new home only after giving birth so that she could share the joyous occasion with her baby.

Unfortunately, Abata’s life was cut short just as she welcomed her long-awaited child into the world.

In a heartfelt tribute posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024, Jessica expressed deep sorrow over Abata’s sudden demise.

She wrote;

“Pryma wam! What you so much desired finally came, but you didn’t stay to enjoy it. You insisted that you wouldn’t move into your new house until you gave birth, because you wanted to move in with your baby. The baby you patiently waited for for 13 years,” she wrote. 

“Your Girls Brigade installation was supposed to be next month, and you were excitedly looking forward to it. We planned a big thanksgiving service so you could share your biggest testimonies, but here we are, preparing for your burial.

“Loving you was so easy, and you made friendship pure bliss. We had so much in common and I don’t know if it’s a mere coincidence, but when you died, I was wearing one of the clothes you gave me.

“My dear sugar sister, I am grateful for every single moment we shared. All that’s left now is just sweet memories and I will cherish them forever.

“Now that you are an Angel, I hope you will still be able to bake those fantastic cakes for all the hosts of heaven. Mesuur Abata, Rest easy girl.

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