Man cries out after asking brother to wash car only for him to crash it into their house



A man who asked his brother to help in washing his car has cried out in pain as he returns home only to discover that he had crashed it into his house.

The man took to his TikTok page via @done_warlet2424 to lament and show what his brother did to his car.

He shared a video of a section of his house whose blocks have already crumbled leaving a big hole.

The guy also showed the back of his car which carried huge debt from the crash.

His voice could be heard in the background lamenting bitterly over the crash.

When asked what had occurred, the man revealed that he had only asked his brother to help him was the car.

His brother, being inexperienced with car, had tried his hand on the the steering will, inadvertently crashing the car.

One netizen, @sandra bella asked: “what happened”

@Done warlet reacted: “I tell my brother to wash car, this is what I see when I come back”

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@MICHAELIOUS1 wrote: “I tell my brother to wash car, this is what I see when I come back, na waiting happened be that? He drive the motor or not?”

@Carolyn Apiafi said: “hope he is fine, kia Devil don whisper to him to start the car”

@ngdkboerboelnigeria asked: “hope no one is hurt sha? just thank God for that if no one was hurt”

@Dania kenedy commented: “u no need cry, thank God for life”

@Chukwu Happiness penned: “Hope his fine and no one was hurt”

@HOME FINISHING GURU shared: “that’s how one boy took my car and boom the whole fence of the compound came down and I was sleeping my room,when I woke up is like I was in another realm entirely ”

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