Emma UgoleeFormer TV host petitions health ministry for subsidised cost of dialysis treatment

The kidney transplant survivor has petitioned for a subsidised dialysis treatment in Nigeria.

Former television host, Emma Ugolee who is himself a kidney transplant survivor has petitioned the minister of health and the law makers of the house of assembly for a subsidised cost of dialysis treatment.

Ugolee launched a petition on which has so far garnered over 2,419 supporters.

Read Emma’s appeal on the petition below:

Hey there,

Over 20million Nigerians are affected by kidney disease‎ as direct victims and tens of millions more as their friends and family. Diabetes and High blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney disease.

Patients of chronic kidney disease stage 5 would die in a few weeks without a treatment called dialysis. Dialysis in Nigeria cost about N480,000 a month (N40,000 a session) at the required 3 sessions per week. This is not the case in Sudan and Namibia where government subsidised the cost. Ivory Coast gives free dialysis to her citizens.

Being that those that cannot afford dialysis simply DIE!!! As they do daily, does this not directly violate ‎our basic HUMAN RIGHT to health? which also re-emphasises our right to EXIST or RIGHT TO LIFE?

My name is Emmanuel U‎golee, I have the Chronic kidney disease and know very personally the pain of the helpless and voiceless millions suffering from this emotional, physical and financial burden of this disease on whose behalf I seek for your simple signature on this appeal to the minister of health and law makers of the national assembly to consider subsidising dialysis. We need half a million signatures. Kindly make yours count.

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