Chelsea condemn social media abuse towards Conor Gallagher after mascot incident



Chelsea have issued a statement denouncing the social media abuse directed at Conor Gallagher after a mascot incident in Burnley clash.

The video showing an interaction with a young mascot was “considerably out of context,” the club stated.

While the players were still in the tunnel, Gallagher left a young mascot hanging when the child extended his hand for a handshake.

In the circulating video, Gallagher appears engrossed in conversation with another mascot behind him, seemingly overlooking the young child’s gesture in front of him.

Get him out of that club

— halfcast (@half_castFCB) April 3, 2024

Although Burnley’s captain Josh Cullen saw the incident play out, he didn’t call the attention of the Chelsea captain.

Responding to the video, Chelsea released a statement stating that the subsequent abuse and defamatory comments directed towards Gallagher are “completely unacceptable.”

Conor Gallagher placing his arms on the mascot – Getty image

“Chelsea Football Club is aware of a video clip circulating on social media from Saturday’s fixture against Burnley, which has been taken considerably out of context.

“The subsequent level of abuse and defamatory comments directed towards Conor Gallagher is completely unacceptable.

“We are proud to be a diverse, inclusive club where people from all cultures, communities and identities feel welcome,” the club statement added.

Meanwhile, when the players filed out, there was another photo shared by a supporter showing Gallagher placing his arms around the mascot’s shoulder, not likely indicating the incident was unintentional.

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