Woman does the unimaginable after getting cheated on by her husband



Upon discovering that her husband cheated on her, woman reportedly throws her three kids off a bridge in retaliation for his infidelity.

The heartbreaking story was shared on the microblogging platform, X, by user, @miss_she_du.

The woman had gotten information about the man’s cheating and went to the hotel where he was with the other woman, making sure he knew she was there.

She didn’t confront him, just left for home and took her children to the bridge where she there them over and watched them die.

The tweet reads;

“I just heard one of the most painful and cruel stories ever in my life

A woman caught her husband cheating. She already had 3 kids for him. She followed him to the hotel that he was and made sure he saw her. So she left the hotel without saying a word.

She went home and carried her 3 kids then threw them over the bridge into the water and left them to die.

According to the poster, she claims that the woman who committed the crime stated her killing of the children was intentional because he was much older and he will need to start over again.

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