Woman quiz on how to separate fiance, stepdaughter over not getting attention



A pregnant married woman seeks advice on how to separate the love her fiance has for their stepdaughter whom he had with his late wife.

According to a narration shared anonymously by a relationship adviser, the woman lamented how her stepdaughter shares a canny resemblance with her late mother.

She emphasized her husband’s closeness with his daughter which makes her worry about not getting enough attention.

The pregnant woman sought advice on how to suggest to her husband to send the child to live with their in-law or send her to an orphanage home so she could have all her husband’s attention to herself only.

Woman frustrated over bond between her fiance and stepdaughter over not getting attention

“Am 30yrs old, I’m not the stepmother type, am too young, i can’t live under the same roof with another woman’s child.

“Am actually worried cos my Fiancé has a 4 yr-old daughter, her mother passed away while giving birth to her. So, he has been raising her ever since then with the help of his family.

“But, the thing is, I am now in the picture & we’re getting married next year, I’m even 7 months pregnant with his son. I very well know, I won’t treat his daughter the same way as my son. To be honest, she annoys me! She looks exactly like her mother so, she constantly reminds my man of his late wife & to make things worse she’s very attached to her daddy, which makes me worried even more.

It’s obvious my son will not be able to bond with his father because of her, I can’t live with her under the same roof. I mean her both grandparents are still alive & healthy, she can go live with them or better still we can find her a nice couple that wants to adopt a child. My worry now is, don’t know how to approach this situation to my man but really, I need to find a way to convince my fiancé’..

“Pls note that I’m not a b@dd person, I’m just trying to look out for my son & make sure that he will get all his father’s love & attention that he deserves. Which is exactly what every woman in my shoe will do, i also need space with my husband, her presence is only going to be a distraction..
pls, kindly advice we on how to approach my husband with this issue i need some guidance.”

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