16-year-old student who memorized Quran writes 2024 UTME, scores 348



A 16-year-old brilliant student receives accolades as he excels in the 2024 UTME with a score of 348, and has 6 A1s and 2 B2s in his GCE despite his devoted time to memorising the entire chapters of the Holy Quran.

His proud uncle identified as @idrisayobello on X revealed that his nephew achieved impressive scores in his exams: 66 in English Language, 95 in Mathematics, 95 in Physics, and 92 in Chemistry.

He mentioned that the young boy plans to pursue a course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Lagos.

Idris also highlighted his nephew’s outstanding performance in the General Certificate Examination (GCE) with 6 A1s and 2 B2s. Furthermore, he proudly mentioned that the 16-year-old Muslim boy memorized the Islamic Quran.

Sharing a snapshot of his GCE and JAMB results, his uncle gushed over the boy’s performance, starring emotions from others.

Uncle proud as nephew who memorized Quran scores 348 in UTME

“I am rarely impressed but my nephew scored 348 in Jamb! Eng 66 Maths 95 Phy 95 and Chemistry 92. Coming after 6 A1s in the last GCE including English, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. The 16-year-old boy wants to study Elect/Elect at Unilag. He has also fully memorised the Quran!

“I cant even mention my own JAMB score publicly, to think I was the one who was once regarded as the genius in the family! Thank God these ones didn’t come during my time!” he wrote.


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