Elder brother’s emotional reaction to 9-year-old’s ₦1k gift, sweet note on his birthday goes viral



A young Nigerian man expressed surprise when his 9-year-old brother gave him a birthday surprise gift: a brief note with a ₦1,000 note, explaining that he didn’t have much, hence the small amount.

The video, which garnered thousands of likes, shares, and comments on a popular social media platform, captured the moment.

Elder brother touched by 9-year-old’s heartfelt birthday gift.

In the video, the young man revealed that it was his birthday and he arrived home late around 9 p.m. Upon entering his room, he discovered the note with the ₦1,000 placed behind it.

He explained that the person who left the note also included the ₦1,000, expressing regret for not being able to afford a bigger surprise.

The heartwarming gesture surprised the young man, prompting him to investigate the identity of the gift giver. To his delight, he discovered it was his 9-year-old brother.

He then posted the video showcasing his brother, the money, and the note on social media.

In response, concerned individuals flooded the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Osariemen: “Awwn my brother gave me 50naira on my birthday that same night he cry say make I give m hin 50naira back (he’s 6).”

Mma Si Na Chi: “If you get sense Dey close to that guy now o even for future na them be the “uncle”wey Dey remember him brother children.”

Peace of mind: “Him babe go enjoy honestly..cause him go really spend on her ehhh..God bless him.”

Labakk_ee: “On my last birthday, my brother was the only one to offer me a biscuit. Yet, its value to me was immeasurable, as it was a gesture of love and support that touched my heart.”

Yanziboo: “Kingggg y am I just meeting my lil brother Happy Birthday again bigger brother Love always.”

Deja: “Awww… nah spaghetti my junior gimme on my birthday…me wey hungry wan kill I rush cook am chop before I faint abeg.”

B: “I go whine my broda Mk he borrow me #50 he go go talk say he go me now and he will collect it back now.”

jaleelah: “my nephews also left a note and 2 100 naira in a handmade paper envelope for me when I came back from school cause they miss me.”

horezzy: “i told my sister come and see your mate she gives me letter and a drawing of me wor wor drawing ooo.”

Ogbonlaiye Opeyemi: “you should have give him a hug Mr. show some love by hugging.”



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