Man shares photos of oldest man in his village, his age leaves many dumbfounded



A Benue man surprises many as he shares the photos of the oldest man in his village whom he claims is over 130 years old and has no child.

The Facebook user known as Fabian Terseer took to the platform to share photos of the Baba Asongo, the oldest man in his community of Turan, Jato Aka in the Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State.

Fabian Terseer and the oldest man in his village.

In his post, Fabian Terseer told the story of the man and his equally elderly wife and noted that the man has no child so far.

His words read …

“BABA ASONGO; The Oldest Man alive in Turan (Jato Aka)
I have written about this man and his wife. For those who’d followed his life stories on my timeline,you will be surprised as I do. That this man is over 130yrs and has no child so far.
I always spend quality time with Baba Asongo. Every after two months,I create time to visit Baba Asongo. And anytime I visit him,he will tell me stories that would educate me about my lineage and the Tiv Race. I have never been confused about our traditions because of this man.
This man was about 58 yrs when KING JATO AKA died. Baba told me how Jato Aka died and all that led to his death. Baba Told me how he was in Taraba but rush back home when the new broke that Jato Aka was sick. Well,these are stories for another day.
Last week ago,Baba Asongo sent for me through SHAGBA TYOKASE. So,Uncle SHAGBA called to relate his message to me. Just few days ago,I went to see Baba and his wife. This time,it was his health issues. Baba told me he is not feeling fine and his wife is equally sick.
I felt very bad to see how weak he was. Age is telling on Baba but I also see that Baba deserves some medical attention. I was able to get some money for their medications. I hope to see Baba Recuperate and back to his strength.
People like this should stay some more time. Especially now that the society is in lack of such people.
Baba Asongo doesn’t have a child in his name. There is actually no specific person looking after Baba and his wife. It was my Dad Chief Ikyumior Terseer Yaga who provided him with a shelter many years ago. If you are in Turan,look for this man and visit him. Keep praying for him,he is a very honest man.
Chief Fabian
(Son of Jato Aka)”

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